All businesses are challenged by greater competition for markets and jobs, and by the need to increase productivity. Meanwhile, growing workforce and consumer diversity are shaping business environments. Cora Group helps businesses understand:

  • How growing diversity is affecting the conditions for successfully doing business
  • How to use the opportunities diversity creates to gain a competitive advantage.
Cora Group sees diversity planning as vital to business success. Through diversity planning, companies can promote innovation. They also can increase market share, productivity and cost savings.

Cora Group provides management tools to foster an "inclusive culture" that treats individual difference as a business asset. We help organizations to:

  • Integrate diversity into their strategic planning
  • Assess market and human resource needs and opportunities
  • Equip staff with the skills needed to work effectively with diverse staff and clientele.
Our approach ensures that management initiatives mobilize employees at all levels to achieve strategic goals. Through assessment, we help leadership use knowledge from diverse sources to guide business analysis and decisionmaking. Through training, we build staff commitment and problem-solving effectiveness.